Architectural Windows & Doors Australia
Sustainability Policy

At Architectural Windows & Doors Australia our sustainability policy is defined by five key factors: Environment; Community; Workplace; Marketplace; and Economic. We embrace the sustainability endeavours of our marketplace and our supply chain partners.

Environment – we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our community via the supply of quality, low maintenance, high-performance windows and doors so that less energy is required over the life of buildings to maintain a comfortable environment in which to live and work. Our high-quality windows and doors are built to last and will need replacing less often over the life of a building, saving on resources. We continuously strive to reduce our own carbon footprint by applying the reduce/re-use/recycle principles to our business operations.

Community – we provide products, education and empowerment to members of our community to enhance their living and working spaces and achieve their own energy reduction and sustainability goals.

Workplace – we provide education, training and flexibility for our employees, and regard them as a valuable resource for the continued sustainability of our business.

Marketplace – AWDA supports and promotes environmental stewardship, quality and innovation: and in turn, these values are criteria for us in the selection of supply chain partners.

Economic – the long term sustainability of our business will be achieved by supplying high-quality windows and doors; achieving the service expectations of our customers; and by communicating our company vision and values to our stakeholders.

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